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Helpful Information

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Outdoor Breaks Improve Grades!

Natural Playgrounds Maintenance

Music in Learning

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Physical Fitness Linked to Brain Fitness

THE UNSAFE CHILD: Less Outdoor Play is Causing More Harm than Good

Questions about the minimum outdoor square footage requirements for each child at a childcare center.

Natural Playground coming to Grant Elementary School

Nothing Lasts Forever,
except natural playgrounds!

Webster Groves is home to Missouri's first "Natural Playground"

New Study Proves Natural Playgrounds Beneficial and Inspirational!

A Natural Playground Makes A Difference!

Natural playgrounds are best choice in tight economy

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Common Questions

      Who Should Consider Natural Playgrounds
      & How To Get Started

If you need to remodel old playgrounds, build new ones, develop master plans for play areas around schools or communities, develop outdoor classrooms, create learning trails, or build gardens, shade structures, gateways, or play sculptures...

...and you want to do something creative, different, cost-effective, long-lasting, educational, and beautiful...

Please don't pull out a catalog!

Contact us instead!

...and let our playground designers and playscape specialists help you assess your situation and work with you to develop a plan that gets you where you want to go - in a natural way, toward a Natural Playground.

How to get started

Because natural play concepts can be integrated into almost any outdoor situation, there are many scenarios that might prompt you to investigate them further:

  1. You are thinking about repairing, refurbishing, expanding, or replacing your old or unsafe playground, especially ones that used CCA (arsenic-treated) lumber.
  2. You want to create a more intriguing, natural-looking, green learning environment around your childcare center or school, or in your community that will also serve as an outdoor classroom.
  3. You have or are contemplating building a new school, museum, nature center, or childcare center and want to make sure the outdoor environment is as exciting and inspiring as the rest of your concept.
  4. You are a school district and need to upgrade your entire playground package but want to do it in a way that will inspire the students to learn about and take care of their natural environment.
  5. You would like to have an artist/architect/designer in-residence to work with your students and/or community members on a hands-on project that will enhance their learning experience while creating beauty.

Please contact The Natural Playgrounds Company® to discuss your thoughts and plans. We welcome your inquiries and will get back in touch with you promptly.
Thank you for spending some time with us today.

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