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Webster Groves is home to Missouri's first "Natural Playground"

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Natural playgrounds are best choice in tight economy

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Over the past 13 years, the Natural Playgrounds Company has designed more than 100 Natural Playgrounds for Montessori, Waldorf, Charter, and Public Schools, numerous public and private childcare centers, nature centers, new communities, municipalities, and residences. We are the leading experts in the design and construction of large and small Natural Playgrounds, and in the manufacture of truly natural play and learning elements.

Gallery of Before and After Pictures

Here is a gallery of Before and After pictures that shows you the dramatic changes that takes place through our comprehensive design and construction process. Because we've developed proprietary construction techniques, the Natural Playgrounds Construction Company is extremely adept, efficient, and fast, and therefore very competitive and cost-effective building anywhere in the country.

To Purchase Natural Playground Learning and Play Elements

Our store is full of very inexpensive yet well-made and completely field-tested natural play and learning elements designed to excite and challenge children of all ages. These are the same elements we use when implementing our Natural Playground designs, and are the same elements that hundreds of childcare centers, schools, and communities across the country have purchased to begin connecting their children with the natural world.

Please contact The Natural Playgrounds Company® to discuss your thoughts and plans. We welcome your inquiries and will get back in touch with you promptly.
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